A downloadable game for Windows

Giga is a 3D endless runner in space!

Your objective is to reach as far as you can and explore beyond our solar system.

Mouse up and down to control the character and space to go forward.
Press C to change camera view. If camera is on the side view, press Alt to zoom out.

Power ups:
Green power up (invulnerability): Turn the players body green and
makes it invencible for a few seconds.
Orange power up (speed boost): Turns the players body orange and
increases its speed.

Press I to turn invulnerable. Press it again to deactivate.
Press H to reset the high score
Press A to add coins


GigaAgainstTime - Build (Windows).zip 53 MB


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Super cute and fun. And spaaaaaaaaaace!


Damn, this game is beautiful! Shut up and take my money